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I'll likely have a longer comment later when I can better digest the awesome piece above. (And I have to begin my work day!)

But I have a question. A colleague of mine used the term "wokeness" in a derogatory way. I was puzzled because I didn't understand the term. I wondered what was wrong with being awake and alert. Later I asked a couple of folks that I can confess my ignorance to what "wokeness" was and received various definitions that didn't quite jibe. It appears to be a somewhat fluid term. (I'm avoiding Google on this as it will likely be chasing rabbits.)

Is "wokeness" bad? How does John define it?

Have a lovely day.

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I should have put it in quotes. At one time “being woke” was a phrase among African Americans meaning that they understand the larger structural issues around race. In the last few years, conservatives have co-opted the term. They still mean those who focus on racism or social inequality or sexual harassment or LGBTQ+ issues, but have managed to turn the phrase (like Critical Race Theory) into a cudgel to attack those they see as not sufficiently proud of America.

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