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Keen insight!

Sadly my brother, although our CCCU schools acknowledge that the traditional demographic of potential students is declining.......the Churches and "the money" want a more conservative model, socially and theologically. Get rid of DEI, get rid of a 'Big Tent' evangelicalism, get rid of any kind of support for LGBT et al. (Never mind that the suicide rate for this group is lower in CCCU schools than the norm in other schools.) Afterall, a Pell Grant student (color) cant afford to stay at our schools!

Christian colleges continue to talk a good talk on diversity and reconciliation. But exigencies call for a myopic leadership to rule the day! Those who can afford our CCCU schools, donors, the alumni, the Home-School parent, all want a more conservative school for the here and now!

Our Christian colleges dont seem to care when a sister school closes (Trinity, Kings College, Nyak ...or whatever their name is). Our Schools see it as an opportunity and Trustees see it as a badge of honor that it is 'not us.'

And with the apparent trend that a new President's business background and political philosophy trump a Theological PhD, a Christian Higher Ed background, or even an advanced degree at all......the trend will both continue and accelerate.

Missional concerns are out the window! 'Black and Red' in the books is now the name of the game!

It all saddens me!

My $0.02

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I agree with all of this. It shouldn’t be this way, which is what has motivated the book project.

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I see nothing erronous in discussing multiple viewpoints of the political consciousness, so long as the discourse is civil and is consistent with the messages in the Bible. The hysteria regarding social consciousness the perversion of the concept of social justice, the lack of sanity in identity politics, and the support for things that are Biblically contravened are things that could be discussed while composing strategies to transact this set of cultural Satanic infestation. Loving the sinner and hating the sin is a challenge for many including myself. Respectfully, John Derek Ginsberg, BA Political Science 1989, Bethel University, Arden Hills Minnesota.

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So well said, John. And as a Christian liberal arts person, I am in tears. Sad, sad, terrible stuff.

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