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The "Fearless Christian University" is Becoming a Real Book!

The Christian University as Mission Outpost

Focusing on Students Keeps the Christian University Future Oriented

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Embracing the Complexity of Christian University Student Experiences

My Friend Was A Culture War Casualty

The Challenge of Christian University Enrollment

Finding New Markets for Christian Universities

Three Problematic Metaphors in Christian Higher Education

Big Book News!

The SSSR Conference in Salt Lake City

"The Future of Christian Universities"

The Legacy of Institutional Distrust

When Writing is Just Too Much

"The Liberty Way" and the Clery Report

Shared Governance, Academic Freedom, and Tenure

Defending Democracy from Its Christian Enemies

Christian University Trustees

The Trump Civil Cases

My questions for tomorrow's Republican Primary debate

What you ask is what you get

What do we know about Christian University Presidents?

Age Hysteria 2: Looking for Unicorns

Age Hysteria

Repenting of Institutional History

It's the Econom(ies) Stupid!

A Thread about Christian Universities

Recent Happenings In Higher Education

"On Not Fighting Culture Wars"

We will have to do the job the Mainstream Media can not or will not

Somebody's Fool and Community

On Creating Victims

Late Modernity in Crisis

"But He Doesn't Know the Territory!"

Andrew Whitehead's American Idolatry

Baylor's Title IX Exemption

More questions about religious freedom

Presidential Son Trades on Famous Name!

Russell Moore and REM

Belonging and Congregation Life

"Outcome-Determinative Fraud"

My Prostate Cancer Story (so far)

Some Presidents Don't Like Their Students

When Faculty Are Seen as the Enemy

The rise of non-denominationalism

"Those who cannot remember the past..." just make it up

No Labels? No Way!

Particularity and Pluralism

Stop Using Our Kids as Props

Thinking about Mainline Religion

Believing What We Claim

How Colleges Close

The Supreme Court Affirmative Action Decision

Religious Beliefs as Freedom of Expression

Higher Education as the Great Divider

Is there still time for rethinking Christian Higher Education?

A Glimpse into the Future of the UMC

Transactional Higher Ed Is Here To Stay

When Control Turns Into Oppression

The Lasting Impact of Pat Robertson

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Why I SHOULD Feel Bad!

Succession: Corporate Culture and Family Dysfunction

A Memo to My Fellow "Woke Mob" Members

What are they/he/she thinking at Houghton?

Pushing Back Against DEI Bans and Book Bans

The Rise of the Vigilantes

Covering the Stakes

On Not Fighting Culture Wars

Telling Your Preferred Truth™

Bud Light and The Love Boat

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Christian Colleges Headed in the Wrong Direction

Jon Ward's "Testimony"

Academic Freedom and Viewpoint Diversity

Tucker's Manichaeism

On Fighting Culture Wars

The Fearless Christian University: How Should We Then Learn?

Revanchist Denominations

You Can't Teach That!!

The "Other" Evangelicals

The Kids are All Right

Join me on Notes

Who Gets to Be Evangelical?

Historical Hinge Points

Democracy in the Balance

What Are People Thinking?

Matthew Desmond's "Poverty, by America"

Another take on Christian Universities

"Parental Rights" in Education

Turning Equity Into Oppression

Crisis at The King's College

About the DC Crime Bill

When Police Accountability Fails

The Story of Incarceration

Time for Another Criminal Justice Week

"Respecting the Audience"

Making Christianity Manly Again

In Defense of DEI

Why the PRRI/Brookings Christian Nationalism Survey Matters

A Possible Toolkit for Christian Universities

Are Professors Indoctrinating Their Students?

Tom Robinson's "Justice"

The Scorpion and the Frog

My Introduction to Modern Monetary Theory

Anticipatory Deconstruction

Florida: Where Bad Ideas are Born

Criminal Justice and Support for the "Heroes"

"Un-Woking" a University

Kevin McCarthy should have read Simmel

What's up with the Millennial and GenZ generations?