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About Last Night (warning, partisan content)

James Davison Hunter's Democracy and Solidarity

When it feels like things are unravelling

The Fearless Christian University: An Elevator Pitch

Campaigning Is Less Important than Governing

Max Weber and the Nature of Authority

Advocating for the Common Good

What, to the Christian, is the Fourth of July?

State-Imposed Christian Supremacy

The Sad News of Eastern Nazarene's Decision

Reflections on the UMC Mountain Sky Annual Conference

An Open Letter to Christian University Presidents and Trustees

Ideology, Propaganda, and Power

Thoughts About Christian University Chapel

What if we listened to John Rawls?

Do the people really know?

How Christian Universities See Themselves

How to talk to your Family, Neighbor, or Coworker about the Manhattan Verdict

Leah Payne's "God Gave Rock and Roll to You"

To Sunday Show Hosts: They aren't going to do what you want

Maintaining the Institutional Ethos

Who Will Stand Up for Christian University Faculty?

Emerson and Bracey's The Religion of Whiteness

Counting the Invisible Costs

The United Methodist Church General Conference

What have we learned about the student protests?

Christian Universities and "Formational Anthropology"

Searching for the Evangelical Octopus

Claiming the Courageous Middle

About those student protests

The 2024 Religion News Association Conference

John Inazu's Learning to Disagree

On Engaging Argument

"Ever Faithful, Ever True"

Why People Stay in Evangelical Spaces

The Anti-DEI Crowd Shows Their True Colors

The PRRI Religious Change Survey

Evangelicalism at 35,000 feet

"Bringing Religion Back"

Rule Following and Partisan Identity

Social Class as a "Divisive Concept"

"The Exvangelicals" Releases Tomorrow

A New Survey Demands the Attention of Christian Universities

Cultural Awareness and Cultural Responsibility

Combatting Disinformation

Protecting the Brand: Liberty University and the DOE

Who Cares About the Plight of Rural America?

It's General Election Eve!

Should you become a Christian University Professor?

Disentangling Christian Nationalism

Finding the Soul of Christian Higher Education: Part Two

Finding the Soul of Christian Higher Education, Part One

Black History Month and Christian Universities

Who Wants to Run For President?

The Faith of the Rising Generation

C. Wright Mills and the "Evangelical Imagination"

Covering the DC Appeals Panel Immunity Decision

Immigration Update: The Senate Bill

Sarah McCammon's "The Exvangelicals"

About the Border Crisis

The "Know Nothing" Defense

An Important Role for Nikki Haley Going Forward

"America has never been a racist country"

Martin Luther King, Jr. at 95

On Putting Your Faith in Chariots

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